Investing in Albania


  • Domestic economy & exports are expanding
  • Established trading patterns with the EU
  • Gateway to the Balkans Free Trade Area
  • Total labor costs are lower than comparable countries
  • Social security ‘on costs’ amount – 31% of gross wages
  • Adaptable and flexible skilled labor force
  • Extensive language skills, a lot of the younger generation are college graduates

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Business Registration

National Registration Center was established under law no.9723 on National Registration Center that was ratified by Parliament and entered into force on 3 May 2007. Business Registration Reform offers many advantages such as; simpler, faster and much less costly process of registering a new business, simultaneous tax registration, social insurance,health insurance and labor directorate registration using a single application procedure, application windows will be located throughout Albania, making it possible for a business to do all registration procedures locally and free public access to Commercial Registry information via internet.  more…

Business Licensing

Based on law no. 10081, dated February 23, 2009, which reforms the business licensing process in Albania, the National Licensing Center (NLC) has started its activity as a central public institution, which is subordinate to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy since June 2009. With its one-stop-shop services and shortened, transparent and quick procedures, the NLC reduces the administrative barriers to free enterprise, reduces the costs of business related to the licensing process and minimizes the level of informality, thus improving considerably the business climate in Albania. NLC offeres these services:

  • Handles licensing and permitting procedures, compliant with law no. 10081;
  • Keeps and administers the National Registry of Licenses and Permits;
  • Provides free public access, as per provisions of the law;
  • Informs and advises applicants and the public at large on licensing and permitting criteria. more…

Tax Services

General Directorate of Taxes is the responsible institution that offers electronic services related to taxes. By means of electronic services you are able to download your business tax declaration, using NIPT code of your business and you can declare your business taxes electronically, using NIPT code of your business and password. Also, to taxpayers of Value Added Taxes (VAT) that uses bank systems to submit electronic payments are offered the opportunity to declare electronically monthly VAT. more…

Electronic Certification

The National Authority for Electronic Certification is the competent authority with the task of supervising the compliance with the Law number 9880 and statutory ordinances number 503, 525 and other provisions. Any subject operating as a certification service provider in the Republic of Albania must fulfill the conditions specified in this law.

Other requirements, which are specified at the strategic documents issued by the Authority can be found in this page, and under Information. Also, the names of all registered Certification Service Providers and Testing and Confirmation Bodies as well as valid, revoked and suspended certificates can be found under Registry. more…

Patents/Trade Marks

Albanian Directorate of Patents and Trade is a government Institution under the Ministry of Economy Trade and Energy. The activity of this Institution is based on Law No. 9947, Dt.07.07.2008 on Industrial Property. Albanian Directorate of Patents and Trade provides grant and protection for: Patents for Inventions and Utility Models, Industrial Designs, Trademarks & service marks, Geographical indications, Topography of Integrated Circuits. more…

Standards in Albania

General Directorate of Standardization (DPS) is a non-profit public institution acting as the National Standards Body of the Republic of Albania, except telecommunication field. DPS reports to the Minister responsible for the economy, actually Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, it has its own budget and represents the Republic of Albania at European and International Organizations dealing with standards like CEN, CENELEC, ISO, IEC. Adoption of harmonized standards to support the implementation of the New Approach Directives, remain a priority of this institution. All adopted standards are made available to the public and DPS is working hard to increase the sales of standards. more…

Albanian Postal Service

Albanian Post Office s.a. is the only public postal operator in Albanian market which leads administrates and develops the national postal network which has also the obligation of fulfilling the basic postal services. The company assures a wide range of traditional postal services, among which are Business Services. Postal offices of this institution, which are located all around Albania offer services of selling different business items such as office supplier, letter, photocopies, envelopes of all sizes, postcards, phone cards of all types etc. As such it trades in all around Albania the phone cards of of 50, 100 and 200 pulses. more…

Procurement Advocate

Public Procurement Advocate is an independent institution defending bidders’ rights through monitoring and investigating public procurement and concession procedures in Albania, to assure adherence to the law and greater transparency and accountability from the competent authorities. In accordance with the law “On Public Procurement”, and the law no. 9663, dated 18.12.2006, “On Concessions”, the Public Procurement Advocate monitors the administrative procedures in the area of public procurement and concession, and investigates illegal and irregular actions or lack of action by contracting authorities, based on complaints or on his own initiative. more…

Public Procurement

The e-procurement platform is a web-based application supporting the automation of tendering activities of the various Government of Albania line Ministries and Contract Authorities. It enables secure transactions among Albanian public institutions and the national and international business community. The system offers a secure, efficient and transparent preparation and administration of all tender-related documents, removes unnecessary paper work and enables secure data flow throughout the entire process. more …

Custom Services

The vision The Albanian Customs as a flexible, transparent, effective and reliable public institution, oriented towards the best experience of the customs of EU countries, protecting society from damage done by illegal international trafficking and establishing favourable conditions for business development.

The mission to ensure safety and security of market and society by applying efficient customs supervision and by developing domestic and international cooperation;to ensure collection of taxes that are administered by the Customs;to establish favourable conditions for business development by implementing modern working methods and creating electronic customs environment. more…